Strongwater & Associates

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere - Martin Luther King Jr.,
Letter from Birmingham jail, April 16, 1968

Jay Strongwater has dedicated his career to representing people whose lives who have been impacted by the criminal justice system. His first priority is always to the client. Thirty years as a criminal defense attorney has taught him there is no substitute for experience and hard work in the fight for justice. He also believes that the respect and trust he has with judges, prosecutors and fellow defense attorneys benefits his clients.

It is better that ten guilty escape than one innocent suffer
— William Blackstone


Areas of Expertise: 

Antitrust Violation

Corporate Criminal Liability 

Drug Conspiracies 

Employment Related Offenses 

Environmental Violations 

Financial Institution Fraud 

Firearm Violations 

Grand Jury Representations 

Hobbs Act Offenses 


Internet Related Offenses 

Mail and Wire Fraud 

Money Laundering 

Mortgage Fraud  

Public Corruption 


Securities Fraud

Tax Violations

Immigration Visa and Employment Fraud 

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