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Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere - Martin Luther King Jr.,
Letter from Birmingham jail, April 16, 1968

Jay Strongwater has dedicated his career to representing people whose lives who have been impacted by the criminal justice system. His first priority is always to the client. Thirty years as a criminal defense attorney has taught him there is no substitute for experience and hard work in the fight for justice. He also believes that the respect and trust he has with judges, prosecutors and fellow defense attorneys benefits his clients.

A lawyer can never excuse himself for accepting the confidence of a client and then betray it by a half hearted defense.
— Edward Bennett Williams, One Man's Freedom, 1962

Noteworthy Cases

United States v. Bendelladj

International hacking case. Client was alleged to be a developer and distributor of the popular Trojan, SpyEye. Mr. Bendelladj is somewhat of an international sensation in the hacking world with fan-bases dedicated to his release.

United States v. Chester
Guideline range was calculated at 360 months to life,
Client received a downward departure to 22 years.

State of Georgia v. C.H.
Client charged with three armed robberies in two counties with each robbery
carrying a mandatory 10 years. Charges negotiated down and client received a
probationary sentence under the Georgia First Offender Act.

United States v. Arevalo
Client charged with a drug conspiracy involving kilogram quantities of crystal meth and cocaine.  The drugs along with guns, money and packaging material were found in the apartment where he was staying.  After opening arguments, the government dismissed
the indictment.
United States v. Lynn
Client charged with a conspiracy to violate the Sherman Anti-Trust Act with regard to
bid-rigging at real estate foreclosure sales throughout the Atlanta metropolitan area.  
Court departed from the guidelines and was sentenced to a below guideline sentence of 90 days.
United States v. U.K.
Client charged with fraud in connection with the H1B program. Court departed from the advisory range of 12 - 18 months and imposed a sentence of four months.

United States v. Tokars, et al.
Client charged with murder for hire, RICO, money laundering and drug conspiracies.

United States v. El-Batawisy, et al.
Client’s charges of international kidnapping dismissed; Interpol warrant withdrawn. Spouse subsequently charged with federal offense.

United States v. Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, Inc., et al.
Co-defendant, client, charged with manufacturing and importing unlicensed pharmaceuticals.

United States v. Gold Club, et al.
Co-defendant, client, charged with RICO conspiracy arising out of the operation of an adult dance club.

United States v. Davis, et al.
Co-defendant, client, builder of multi-million dollar houses, charged with mortgage fraud. Indictment dismissed.

United States v. Sugar Bear, Inc., et al.
Client, office manager, charged with employing undocumented workers and wage and hour violations. Indictment dismissed.

United States v. McFarland, et al.
Co-defendant, client, an appraiser; charged with mortgage fraud. Indictment dismissed

United States v. Callahan, et al.
Co-defendant, client, accountant acquitted of RICO, tax and wire fraud, and drug conspiracies.

United States v. Mejia, et al.
Client, money changer, charged with money laundering as part of the Black Market Peso Exchange in Colombia

Oyola v. Bowers
Client successful in habeas petition vacating drug trafficking conviction

United States v. Kuhlman
Healthcare fraud case with an unprecedented sentence reduction


Current Matters

H1-B Visa fraud
Employment/Document fraud
Money laundering/structuring conspiracies
Drug conspiracies
Start Law-Anti-Kickback Statute
International Walware Distribution
Visa-Marriage Fraud



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