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Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere - Martin Luther King Jr.,
Letter from Birmingham jail, April 16, 1968

Jay Strongwater has dedicated his career to representing people whose lives who have been impacted by the criminal justice system. His first priority is always to the client. Thirty years as a criminal defense attorney has taught him there is no substitute for experience and hard work in the fight for justice. He also believes that the respect and trust he has with judges, prosecutors and fellow defense attorneys benefits his clients.


Over the past year, the firm has been engaged in a wide range of cases and activities.


• We worked with Reunify, the class representative of detained families seeking asylum. We traveled to the ICE facility in Dilley, Texas to interview mothers with dependent children. All families related consistent experiences of harsh conditions and verbal abuse by the Border Patrol agents who initially detained them. The ICE facility was designed to release the families within a short period of time to sponsors. The conditions appeared to be satisfactory in terms of housing, medical and child care. Contrary to representations, the women had difficulties reaching out to their sponsors and family.

• Clients charged with obtaining naturalization through fraud have received sentences of probation, time served and two months. A fourth case was closed before any criminal proceedings. We work closely with immigration attorneys before finalizing any plea.

Public Corruption

• Client initially charged with bribery had charges reduced to a misdemeanor of aiding and abetting the federal supervisor’s undisclosed conflict of interest. Both the straight bribery and stream of benefits theories could not be proven.

Case Management

• Cases present increasingly large volume of discovery. Emily is mastering both Casepoint and Invendica to review, organize and prepare discovery containing millions of documents, thousands of telephone conversations with related line sheets and hundreds of witnesses.


• The firm is representing a CEO of a company named in a civil class action suit and subject of a federal investigation.

Computer Fraud

• Clients are charged with being in child pornography chat rooms

• Client is charged with email cloning scam

Health Car Fraud

• We successfully challenged the qualifications of a proffered expert. The government will not be permitted to call a physician to testify about allegations of substandard patient care.

Professional Recognition

• Emily appeared before the United States Supreme Court for an admission ceremony sponsored by NACDL.

• Emily has been added to the Northern District of Georgia CJA panel for appointed cases.

We continue to coordinate our representation with co-counsel on single and multi-defendant cases. We are available for consultations, joint representation and referrals

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